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Alternative Product

Alternative Product

With more and more consumers placing great value on food that is both healthy and sustainably produced, substitute foods and ingredients are on the rise. Alternative protein sources are one of the most significant areas, as proteins are a crucial building block of our diet, but come largely from animal proteins. The most innovative form is currently the production of meat, fish and dairy products from cell or laboratory cultures.

Plant-based foods are also experiencing a real boom - not only as a substitute for meat, but as an elementary component of health and fitness. The popular offerings of this food trend include, for example, flexitarian products, vegetarian or vegan foods as well as novel food products as plant-based imitations of animal products. 

Alternative proteins

According to the FAO, three earths would be needed to feed the world in 2050 at the same level of meat consumption. The research, development and establishment of new sources for the protein supply of the future is therefore necessary on a considerable scale. What plant-based solutions can we expect in the future? What about fish and cheese? How do system caterers and established players also make the protein transition.

Jacek Prus of Kuleana is a good example of why fish alternatives are "the next big thing" and new concepts and solutions are needed to reconcile health and biodiversity.

"Pizza Cheese is holy grail in the plant-based transition" - The company Stockeld shows why cheese alternatives are desired by many consumers and why developments in this area are increasing rapidly.

Burger King and Vegetarian Butcher , for example, show how a burger chain can tap into the enthusiasm for plant-based solutions.

Plant-based meat substitutes have been around for decades. What distinguishes the new generation of suppliers from the previous ones? What role does technology play? Where are the technology pioneers? What impact do the new developments have on the previous market?
Companies: Beyond Meat, Ocean Huggers etc.

Anuga Session 2021: Alternative Protein – New Sources to Feed 10 Billion People

EntoFood Alternatives

Insects as an alternative protein source have been available to end customers in large parts of Europe since the beginning of 2018. How has this new product line developed since then? Where are the biggest challenges? How does it relate to the circular economy?
Companies: Tenetrio, Ynsect, Protix, Exo

Clean Meat Solutions

"35% market share of Clean Meat in 2040" says a study by the consulting firm A.T.Kearney. How far are we from the Clean Meat tipping point? What is the customer perception? What steps are necessary for cost-efficient production? Quo Vadis Clean Meat.
Companies: Higher Steakes, SuperMeat, PHW, Aleph Farms, Alife Foods Ltd.