07.–11.10.2023 #anugahorizon

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Sustainability- Better Food for a better World

Anuga HORIZON Sustainability

In a changing world, where global megatrends such as climate change, rural exodus or resource scarcity pose new challenges to the food industry, responsible and sustainable action is the premise. Out of this responsibility, numerous new initiatives and companies have emerged that develop concepts and create products for a sustainable food system. At Anuga HORIZON, our exhibitors and our event formats will provide an insight into the status quo and show how innovative solutions can also ensure security of supply in the future under high ethical, social and environmental standards.

According to a United Nations report this year, more than 1 million animal species are threatened with extinction. The impact of climate change on ecosystems is becoming more apparent and the decrease in available land for cultivation is diminishing. In 2018 alone, 12 million hectares of rainforest have been destroyed to create arable land for the production of animal feed, among other things.

To counteract this development, new initiatives and technologies need to be explored to ensure sustainable and healthy production and prevent resource exploitation.

  1. Reducing food waste and loss - How can supply chain performance be improved?
    One third of all food is destroyed each year by food waste or foodwaste (FAO Report). How can new technologies reduce this number? What solutions are there? A good example is SPRK Global , whose founder Alexander Piutti is sustainably committed to a more efficient food supply chain.
  2. Trust and social value - How consumer demands are changing towards social and environmental change (Consumer Perspective)
    Consumers increasingly value ethical and social standards in production. How can established companies participate in this trend? The company Pumpkin Organics and its founder Jaclyn Schnau show approaches how a young company sets social and sustainable standards for sustainable growth.
  3. Social and Fair Entrepreneurship - How Everyone Benefits (Industry Perspective)
    Founding and doing good at the same time? It is possible. Many start-ups are creating products and solutions that improve the food system in a sustainable way. Who are these founders? How can sustainability and commercial success be realised? Viva con Agua is considered a model company in the social impact field. A story that is unparalleled.

Anuga Session 2021: Sustainability- Better Food for a better World