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newFOODeconomy Award in partnership with Anuga HORIZON

On October 9th, the media brand newFOODeconomy, dfv media group, awarded innovative food concepts from all over Europe in partnership with Anuga HORIZON.

The focus was on companies, start-ups, and projects based in the EU. The selection criteria were the factors "innovation" and a proven contribution to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

newFOODeconomy, was this even relevant for me? Absolutely. Past global developments shaped all our food systems. These already required commitment from all stakeholders involved along the food supply chain at that time.

With newFOODeconomy you get to know tomorrow’s emerging players


Date: • October 9th

Time: 4:30 pm-6:45 pm followed by a get-together

Location: Congress Centre North, Konrad-Adenauer-Saal

Conference language: English

4:30 pm Admission and reception
5:00 pm Official Opening
5:15 pm Keynote and Panel Discussion with international representatives of the industry
5:45 pm Presentation of the awards incl. laudatio
6:45 pm Get-together and networking

The awards were granted in three categories:

  • Best Newcomer: A start-up that was no older than five years and was already operating in the market with products or services.
  • Best Evolutioner: An established, existing company that had entered the new food market and introduced successful products.
  • Best Visionary: A promising idea or approach in the form of a product or service. Presence in the market was not a requirement here, but a prototype existed.

The nominations and the award winners were determined by the nine-member advisory board, consisting of leading experts from the food industry, of newFOODeconomy.

Advisory board
Olaf Deininger

Olaf Deininger, Author and Editor-in-Chief of agricultural media, NEWMEAT and newFOODeconomy, dfv media group

Olaf Deininger - The business journalist, digital expert and Editor-in-Chief Development Agrar-Medien at dfv Mediengruppe looks back on many years of experience in leading positions in food and trade media. Among other things, he headed agrarheute.com.

Nadine Filko

Nadine Filko, Editor newFOODeconomy, dfv media group

Nadine Filko is an author and journalist. Her focus is on alternative proteins. In 2019, her book "Clean Meat" will be published. At BALPro, she is involved with the "cellular agriculture" working group.

Borris Förster

Borris Förster, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Amathaon Capital

Borris Foerster is Managing Partner and co-founder of Amathaon Capital, an early-stage venture capital fund specializing in technology investments in the upstream food value chain. In addition, he supports the selection of promising companies for the bank's start-up financing programs in the Investment Advisory Board of Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank.

Dr. Simone K. Frey

Dr. Simone K. Frey, Founder and Managing Director of the NUTRITION HUB platform

Simone K. Frey is the founder and managing director of the NUTRITION HUB platform. She connects experts with each other, with start-ups and companies to develop recommendations for action for a sustainable nutrition future. Previously, she built the start-up BioAnalyt. She is on the advisory board of Farm&Food 4.0 and EIT Food Rising Food Stars

Dr. Carsten Gerhardt

Dr. Carsten Gerhardt, Partner at Kearney, Founder of the Circular Valley Foundation and sustainability exper

Dr. Carsten Gerhardt is a theoretical solid-state physicist, anglist and business economist. As a management consultant, his focus is on sustainability. He is chairman of the Wuppertal Movement e. V. and is committed to positioning the wider Rhine-Ruhr area as a Circular Valley©, where solutions for circular value creation are created.

Prof. Dr. Carolyn Hutter

Prof. Dr. Carolyn Hutter, Professor and Head of the Business Administration-Food Management course at the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University

Prof. Dr. Carolyn Hutter is Professor and Head of the Business Administration-Food Management program at the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University and advises companies on corporate sustainability management.

Hanni Rützler

Hanni Rützler, Europe's leading food trend Researcher and Funder of futurefoodstudio

Hanni Rützler is one of Europe's leading food trend researchers. She is known for her comprehensive perception of changes in food culture and her ability to correctly classify even inconspicuous changes. Her annual FoodReport is therefore regarded as a strong orientation aid for decision-makers in the food industry.

Christian Schnücke

Christian Schnücke, Publishing Director agricultural, baking and meat media, dfv media group

Christian Schnücke is overall publishing director of agricultural, baking and meat media. He initiated the promotion of innovative technologies that contribute to the sustainable transformation of the food industry at the publishing house in 2020 with the creation of NEWMEAT.

Fabio Ziemßen

Fabio Ziemßen, Partner of ZINTINUS GmbH and Board Member of BALPro e. V.

Fabio Ziemßen is a partner at ZINTINUS GmbH and is responsible, among other things, for financing start-ups in the field of alternative protein sources. In the chair of Balpro e. V., he ensures networking and dialog in the segment of alternative protein sources.

Know more, decide better.

The brand newFOODeconomy will bring information around modern technologies, hurdles and opportunities as well as actors shaping the transformation of our food (-industry) in the next three to five years, will be brought closer to the general public.

Is the topic of New Food so relevant? Yes! Current global developments are shaping all our food systems. Also, the entire food industry is undergoing constant change that equally affects all the players involved along the Food Supply Chain, from producers and farmers to consumers, and already requires their commitment - today.

The newFOODeconomy magazine will be published on November 7th.

It provides solution approaches, clarity and answers for all actors along and interested in the Food Value Chain.


dfv Mediengruppe
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Director Business Development

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Director Sales