07.–11.10.2023 #anugahorizon

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Anuga HORIZON - Topics in focus

Nobody shapes the future of the food industry alone

Together we will unfold our full potential. Because the wide range of industries within the food cosmos are all faced with the same challenge: How to shape the future of the food industry? Consumer behaviour is changing faster and faster, global rethinking is unavoidable and all of the processes are becoming more digital. Super. This is the best time to tread new paths. We will bring you together with the right forerunners and companions to make sure you not only reach the future safely, but also with a head start. Become part of a future food community: from a start-up into a major group.

Future themes such as sustainability, alternative products, new nutrition, the ecosystem and Internet of Food are offered a stage and an audience here. But we also have to talk about money.

The ecosystem, investors, multipliers and stakeholders also get their money's worth at Anuga HORIZON. We will talk to decision-makers and innovators about funding programmes, investment insights and networking. This is the right place for those, who want to wrap up fresh deals plastic-free.

Anuga HORIZON - Sustainability


  • Zero waste
  • Eatable Packaging & Functional Packaging
  • Fairly produced
  • Sustainably produced/packaged
  • Re-use food

Discover topic Sustainability
Alternative Product

Alternative Product

  • Plant-based
  • Protein Food
  • reformulated
  • vegan
  • Healthy

Discover topic Alternative Product
New Nutrition

New Nutrition

  • Functional Food
  • Natural ingredients
  • Clean label
  • Personalised nutrition
  • Convenience

Discover topic New Nutrition


  • Acceleration
  • Investment
  • Science
  • Go-To-Market

Discover topic Ecosystem
Internet of Food

Internet of Food

  • E-Commerce
  • Robotics, VR & AR
  • New Payment
  • Digital platforms & processes
  • New POS

Discover topic Internet of Food

New technologies, changing consumer behaviour, global change, new products - the food industry is constantly confronted with different issues and challenges.